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Tom Sawyer
Adapted from Mark Twain's The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

Book, Music and Lyrics by 

Darryl G. Bojanowski

Orchestrations by Bill Corcoran

Libretto / Vocal Book

(integrated & spiral bound)

Casting/Vocal Ranges, Synopsis, Performance Tracks Guide  

18 copy minimum Purchased Separately @ $10/copy

Casting:  7 M (5 don't sing); 1 F; 2 leading teen boys;

3 featured teen girls; 1 featured teen boy; 1 featured

boy; Child/Teen/Adult Ensemble

With Doubling: 4 M (2 don't sing)


Songs Include: Tom, Tom; Paintin' On The Fence; Scared; Muddy Mississippi Buccaneers; Poor Tom, Poor Huck, Poor Joe; Right or Wrong; Summertime Is Almost Gone

PRODUCTION PACK - $370 - includes:

  • Piano/Vocal Score - Casting/Vocal Ranges,
    Synopsis, Scenes and Songs List, Perf. Tracks Guide

  • Full Orchestral Score (not just cues!) with
    Keyboard Patch Lists, Percussion Lists

  • 10 Instrumental Part Books:

        REEDS: Bb Clarinet; Bass Clarinet  BRASS: Trombone

        STRINGS: Violin/Fiddle; Cello; Double Bass; Acoustic Guitar; Banjo  TWO PIANO/KEYBOARDS 

  • Director’s Script

  • Complete Show .mp3 Performance Backing Tracks

  • Director/Educator Production Resources:

    • Writer's Perspective about Tom Sawyer

    • Costume Notes with production photos

    • Set Design Notes with production photos

    • Prop List

    • Study Guide for Director, Cast, Teachers (includes Lesson Ideas, more)

  • Promotional Tools:

    • Logo

    • LINK to EDITABLE SHOW PROGRAM in Canva (sign up for free) to insert your theatre/school production information 

    • Promotional Trailer contact us with your info and we will customize the Official Trailer and send you the link to share!

Performance time: approx. 1 hour 


Tom Sawyer chronicles the life of an orphan boy growing up in 1840’s Missouri along the Mississippi River.  Tom lives with his Aunt Polly and her children, Mary and Sid.  When Tom is ordered to paint the fence as punishment for playing hooky, he tricks his friends into doing the work.  Then he tries and fails to impress Becky Thatcher, the new girl in town.  After he and his friend Huckleberry Finn witness a murder in the graveyard, they swear never to tell anyone, but when the wrong man is charged, Tom doesn’t know what to do.  When Tom finally decides to testify in Muff Potter’s trial, he names Injun Joe as the real murderer.  Injun Joe immediately runs away.  Although concerned about the fugitive, everyone in town heads to MacDougal’s Cave to celebrate the end of the summer.  Tom and Becky get lost in the cave and just as everyone learns of their disappearance, there is word that Injun Joe has been seen in the area. Tom and Becky narrowly avoid confronting him in the cave and escape.  Huck and Tom celebrate by playing hooky on the first day of school.

Producing a TND Musical features FLEXIBLE instrumentation choices.  All three are included.

  1) Full Orchestra – 10 Instruments OR 2) use Piano/Keyboard and Percussion

   OR 3) use .mp3 Digital Orchestra Performance Backing Tracks 


Copyright, © , Darryl Bojanowski 

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