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The Nutcracker Prequel: 
             A Hard Nut To Crack
 A MUSICAL Adaptation of E.T.A. Hoffmann's "Nutcracker"

Book, Music and Lyrics by 

Darryl G. Bojanowski

Orchestrations by Ned Paul Ginsburg

Libretto / Vocal Book

(integrated & spiral bound)

Casting/Vocal Ranges, Synopsis, Performance Tracks Guide  

18 Copy Minimum Purchased Separately @ $10/copy

Casting: 4 M, 3 F (2 F with double role) and 1 adult any gender

(non-speaking or singing); Featured Boy and Girl ages 10-12; 

Child and Adult Chorus any size

Songs Include:  It's A Christmas; You Don't Believe In Magic; She's A Beauty/A Princess In Every Way;

The King Has Called For A Banquet; Sweet Little Sausages; Pitiful Pirlipat; Krakatuk; Nuts: It's A Christmas Reprise,  more


PRODUCTION PACK (required to produce the show) - $370 - includes:

  • Piano/Vocal Score - Casting/Vocal Ranges,
    Synopsis, Scenes and Songs List, Perf. Tracks Guide

  • Full Orchestral Score (not just cues!) with
    Keyboard Patch Lists, Percussion Lists

  • 15 Instrumental Part Books:

        REED 1: Flute, Piccolo  REED 2: Oboe, English Horn  REED 3: Clarinet in Bb  REED 4: Bassoon   

         BRASS: Trumpet in B♭, Horn in F, Trombone

         STRINGS: Violin I, Violin II, Viola, Cello, Double Bass  HARP;  PIANO/KEYBOARD;  PERCUSSION

  • Director’s Script

  • Complete Show .mp3 Performance Backing Tracks

  • Director/Educator Production Resources:

    • Writer's Perspective about The Nutcracker Prequel: A Hard Nut To Crack

    • Costume Notes with production photos

    • Set Design Notes with production photos

    • Prop List

    • Study Guide for Director, Cast, Teachers (includes Lesson Ideas, more)

  • Promotional Tools:

    • Logo

    • LINK to EDITABLE SHOW PROGRAM in Canva (sign up for free) to insert your theatre/school production information 

    • Promotional Trailer contact us with your info and we will customize the Official Trailer and send you the link to share!

Performance time: approx. 1 hour and 20 minutes + intermission


Herr Drosselmeier gives his niece Marie a nutcracker for Christmas.  She falls asleep and dreams about a battle between the mice and her nutcracker.  She tells her uncle, and he tells her the story of how it all came to be.  He says that after the Queen ran all the mice from the castle because they stole the King’s sausages, the Mouse Queen (Mouserinks) sneaked in and placed a spell on the King’s and Queen's baby girl, Pirlipat, making her as ugly as a nutcracker.  Pirlipat can only be restored to beauty by eating the fabled nut Krakatuk, which must be given to her by a young man who has never shaved and never worn boots.  It takes 16 years, but the court astrologer Arnold finds Krakatuk and the young man.  But just as she is about to eat the nut, Mouserinks appears and knocks the young man over.  Pirlipat is now beautiful, but the young man has been changed into a nutcracker!  To be changed back into a young man, he must battle the 7-headed Mouse King. When the nutcracker seems to have lost the fight, Marie is upset and throws her shoe at the Mouse King, slaying him and winning the day!  The Nutcracker Prequel: A Hard Nut To Crack is full of magic and fun and music, perfect for a winter's night at the theatre.  

Producing a TND Musical features FLEXIBLE instrumentation choices.  All three are included.

   1) Full Orchestra – 15 Instruments OR 2) Piano/Keyboard and Percussion

   OR 3) .MP3 Digital Orchestra Performance Backing Tracks 


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