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The Perils of Penelope
A Musical Comedy Melodram
(Also available in a one-act setting: Gadzooks! A Melodrama)


Book, Music and Lyrics by 

Darryl G. Bojanowski

Orchestrations/Arrangements by Bill Corcoran

Libretto / Vocal Book

(integrated & spiral bound)

Casting/Vocal Ranges, Synopsis, Performance Tracks Guide  

8 copy minimum Purchased Separately @ $10/copy

Casting:  2 Men and 1 Woman and 1 of any gender

Songs Include:

Everybody Loves To Hate The Villain;  I’m In Love With A Forest Ranger;  I Know What You’re Looking For;

You, You, You;  Sylvester Snide;  What Shall I Do?;  I Thought I Knew You;  Gold!

PRODUCTION PACK - $370 - (Required to produce the show)  includes:

  • Piano/Vocal Score - Casting/Vocal Ranges, Synopsis, Scenes and Songs List, Perf. Tracks Guide

  • Full Orchestral Score (not just cues!) with Keyboard Patch Lists, Percussion Lists

  • 8 Instrumental Part Books:

        REED 1: Bb Clarinet; Flute  REED 2: Oboe;  REED 3: Bassoon;  VIOLIN/FIDDLE;  DOUBLE BASS;     


  • Director’s Script

  • Complete Show .mp3 Performance Backing Tracks

  • Director/Educator Production Resources:

    • Writer's Perspective about The Perils of Penelope

    • Costume Notes with production photos

    • Set Design Notes with production photos

    • Prop List

    • Study Guide for Director, Cast, Teachers (includes Lesson Ideas, more)

  • Promotional Tools:

    • Logo

    • LINK to EDITABLE SHOW PROGRAM in Canva (sign up for free) to insert your theatre/school production information 

    • Promotional Trailer contact us with your info and we will customize the Official Trailer and send you the link to share!

Performance time: approx. 1 hour and 30 minutes + intermission


Penelope loves Nelson Noble but Sylvester Snide has other plans for her.  Snide’s interest grows deeper when her mother inherits beachfront property in Florida.  He secretly forges a few changes in the will to require Penelope to marry him to validate the inheritance.  Although he is found out, he has other plans.  In the middle of a blizzard, he forges a good-bye letter from Nelson knowing she will try to stop him.  As she leaves, he puts a bag over her head, fakes a kidnapping then acts the hero by saving her.  He is found out and is blown away by the blizzard.  On Penelope and Nelson’s wedding day, Snide reappears.  He discovered a map showing Penelope’s house sits atop the entrance to a lost gold mine, and becomes even more interested in her.   He shows her another forged letter stating that he and Nelson were switched by their nanny as children -- he is really Nelson and vice versa.  Penelope promised to marry Nelson.  What shall she do?  Nelson is also confused and both suffer an identity crisis.  In desperation, she hypnotizes Nelson – and accidentally Snide --- and the truth is revealed.  Penelope and Nelson live happily ever after.

Producing a TND Musical features FLEXIBLE instrumentation choices.  All three are included.               1) Full Orchestra – Instruments OR 2) use Piano/Keyboard and Percussion

   OR 3) use .mp3 Digital Orchestra Performance Backing Tracks


Libretto/Vocal Book and Demo Songs - CLICK HERE!


Copyright, © , Darryl Bojanowski 

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