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Gadzooks! A Melodrama
A Musical Comedy Melodram
(Also available in a two-act, 90 minute setting: The Perils of Penelope)


Book, Music and Lyrics by 

Darryl G. Bojanowski

Orchestrations/Arrangements by Bill Corcoran

Libretto / Vocal Book

(integrated & spiral bound)

Casting/Vocal Ranges, Synopsis, Performance Tracks Guide  

8 copy minimum Purchased Separately @ $10/copy

Casting:  2 Men and 1 Woman and 1 of any gender

Songs Include:

Everybody Loves To Hate The Villain;  I’m In Love With A Forest Ranger; 

I Know What You’re Looking For; You, You, You;  Sylvester Snide

PRODUCTION PACK - $370 - (Required to produce the show)  includes:

  • Piano/Vocal Score - Casting/Vocal Ranges, Synopsis, Scenes and Songs List, Perf. Tracks Guide

  • Full Orchestral Score (not just cues!) with Keyboard Patch Lists, Percussion Lists

  • 8 Instrumental Part Books:

        REED 1: Bb Clarinet; Flute  REED 2: Oboe;  REED 3: Bassoon;  VIOLIN/FIDDLE;  DOUBLE BASS;     


  • Director’s Script

  • Complete Show .mp3 Performance Backing Tracks

  • Director/Educator Production Resources:

    • Writer's Perspective about Gadzooks! A Melodrama

    • Costume Notes with production photos

    • Set Design Notes with production photos

    • Prop List

    • Study Guide for Director, Cast, Teachers (includes Lesson Ideas, more)

  • Promotional Tools:

    • Logo

    • LINK to EDITABLE SHOW PROGRAM in Canva (sign up for free) to insert your theatre/school production information 

    • Promotional Trailer contact us with your info and we will customize the Official Trailer and send you the link to share!

Performance time: approx. 60 minutes


Penelope loves Nelson Noble but Sylvester Snide has other plans for her.  His interest grows deeper when her mother inherits beachfront property in Florida.  He forges a few changes in the will that require Penelope to marry him to validate the inheritance.  Although he is found out, he has other plans.  In the middle of a blizzard, he forges a good-bye letter from Nelson knowing she will try to stop him.   As she leaves, he fakes a kidnapping by sneaking up behind her, putting a bag over her head and hiding her in the barn.  When Nelson appears, Snide tells him she has gone out in the blizzard looking for him.  After Nelson leaves to find her, Snide pretends to be the hero and “rescues” Penelope.  When Nelson returns, Snide hides under the table.  The inevitable chase occurs ending with Snide running outside where he is blown away by the blizzard.  As the curtain closes Nelson proposes to Penelope and all ends happily.

Producing a TND Musical features FLEXIBLE instrumentation choices.  All three are included.               1) Full Orchestra – Instruments OR 2) use Piano/Keyboard and Percussion

   OR 3) use .mp3 Digital Orchestra Performance Backing Tracks 

Libretto/Vocal Book and Demo Songs - CLICK HERE!

Copyright, © , Darryl Bojanowski 

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