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Q: When I buy the required Libretto/Vocal Books and the Production Pack, I'm granted the License to perform it for the "run of the show."  What does that mean?

A: Your "run of show" can be Thursday - Sunday or Friday and Saturday or whatever combination of days you will perform the show. It can be multiple successive weekends or just one weekend.  The license ends at one run of your show.  If you want to perform the same show next year, you will pay an additional flat fee of $150. for that "run of show."  You already have the materials (and maybe the sets and costumes) so you can start a "tradition" and save on your production budget!

How To Navigate at J. W. Pepper:

  • Click The Canterville Ghost or any TND musical's name  

  • Double-Click on the Cover Page (left side).  It will become full screen.

  • Demo songs will start playing and you can page through the Libretto/Vocal Book using the right arrow. 

  • You'll see Song List, Casting, Synopsis, and .mp3 Tracks information and the full Libretto/Vocal Book. 

  • You can place your order right from that page after you create an account.  See below...

Questions about Purchasing your Production Materials from J. W. Pepper, Inc.

If my organization doesn't have an account at J. W. Pepper, how do I set one up?


If I want to use e-Print to get my Libretto/Vocal Scores right away, how do I set

up and use My Library at J. W. Pepper?

I'd like more information about J. W. Pepper before I purchase...

J. W. Pepper has been distributing music since 1876.  Here is their guarantee:

If the Libretto/Vocal Scores are being shipped to me, what is the Pepper shipping information? 

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