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Licensing Information

Performance Licensing Rights are available to ALL theatrical and educational theatre companies of any size or designation that meet the following criteria: when this musical is performed in a setting that does not charge any admission or any fees related to the performance, OR is an accredited School Production, the original purchaser of the Production Pack and the minimum Libretto/Vocal Books is granted a TND Musicals contract with a non-transferable license for one run of the show. NO LICENSING FEES are charged! If you are interested in digital rights to stream your performances, let us know and we will include our Livestream Addendum to your contract.  


Professional Theatres - Equity, LORT, or Regional - and Community Theatres which DO NOT meet the criteria above, must negotiate a licensing contract directly with TND Musicals. Send an email request to  and include your theatre name, your contact information, the show title as well as Performance Dates requested, Ticket Price or Price Range, and Maximum Seating Capacity to receive your licensing quote.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Licensing Fees Calculator is just an estimate.  If you have any special concerns that we should know, we may be able to make adjustments to the cost.

Producing a TND Musical features

FLEXIBLE instrumentation choices! ALL 3 Choices are included: 

Full Orchestra - 10-23 instruments

OR Piano(s) and  Percussion(ists)

OR .mp3 Digital Orchestra Performance Backing Tracks

How to Learn the NEW SONGS easily:

Rehearsal Live Share  is an ADD-ON Vocal Rehearsal program for a small extra cost:  

Piano with vocals are played digitally while karaoke-style  lyrics  are  displayed  for  interactive   learning.

In order to activate this feature, and in cooperation with Realtime Music Solutions (RMS) at least one person from

the producing organization (usually the music director) must subscribe to Rehearsal Live Share for $15 a month.

When your show is over, you can cancel the subscription. It’s an exciting way to learn all the songs!

Phones and Tablets use a FREE App; Laptop/Desktops use a FREE download

                 REHEARSAL LIVE SHARE Picture Guide:                      

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