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"In a program note, Bojanowski mentions how rarely Mrs. Hudson, the Baker Street

Irregulars and Professor Moriarty appear in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's stories - and never altogether in the same story.  His Case is an entertaining correction of that grievous omission." 

"One doesn't often think of Sherlock Holmes singing and dancing his way through a case.

But that's one of the traits of the work of Darryl Bojanowski and A Premiere Playhouse, to turn familiar stories into enjoyable musicals..." 

                                                         by Dennis Thompson, Suburban News Theater Critic


TND Musicals has 39 different musicals that they have written and performed over the years. Below is a list of those musicals, with links to for licensing details through J. W. Pepper. 


The Canterville Ghost - 

The Case of the Counterfeit Napoleon The game is afoot in this new musical comedy mystery - and it's a game of disguises and deductions as the sinister Professor Moriarty plots to end the career of Mr. Sherlock Holmes.  It will take a group of ragtag rascals called the Baker Street Irregulars to solve the crime.

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