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TND Musicals

TND Musicals has 39 musicals written by Artistic Director Darryl Bojanowski, and originally produced at A Premiere Playhouse in Columbus, Ohio, including NINE FULL LENGTH MUSICALS (75 - 95 minutes) and THIRTY ONE ACT MUSICALS FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY (50-60 minutes). The musicals that are ready for licensing are all listed below with more available soon!  Each show has a link to licensing information at J. W. Pepper, an international music distributor, where you can see the entire Libretto/Vocal Score, hear demo songs from the show, and get materials you need to produce it. 


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The Canterville Ghost - 2 M; 2 F; Girl 11-14 yrs.; Twin Girls or Boys; Cameo for a cat

Sir Simon has haunted the manor house at Canterville Chase for four hundred years, successfully scaring off everyone who wanted to live there.  He has done his job with theatricality and style.  When a family of Victorian era Americans decides to move in, he expects it to be the same, but the Otis family has other plans.


> Details & Licensing for The Canterville Ghost

> Licensing information

The Case of the Counterfeit Napoleon -  3 or 4 M; 1 or 2 F; Boy; Girl; Child/Teen Chorus

The game is afoot in this new musical comedy mystery - and it's a game of disguises and deductions as the sinister Professor Moriarty plots to end the career of Mr. Sherlock Holmes.  It will take a group of ragtag rascals - the Baker Street Irregulars - to solve the crime.


> Details & Licensing for The Case of the Counterfeit Napoleon

Licensing information

The Nutcracker Prequel: A Hard Nut to Crack - 4 M; 2 F; Boy; Girl; Child and Adult Chorus

The intriguing story of magic, mice, sausages - and a magic nut known as Krakatuk - that explains how an ordinary man was turned into a Nutcracker...This is the story that explains the Ballet! 

> Details & Licensing for The Nutcracker Prequel: A Hard Nut to Crack

> Licensing information

The Perils of Penelope - 2 M; 2 F; or 3 M; 1 F
A turn-of-the-century musical melodrama with a silent scene-stealer (mother-in-mime).


> Details & Licensing for The Perils of Penelope

> Licensing information

Written for adults, enjoyed by the whole family 

Gadzooks! A Musical Melodrama - 2 M; 2 F or 3 M; 1 F
Same story as The Perils of Penelope in a shorter version.

> Details & Licensing for Gadzooks! A Melodrama

> Licensing information

Mister Sherlock Holmes - 3 or 4 M; 1 or 2 F; Boy; Girl; 6-10 Teen or Pre-Teen Chorus
Same story as "Napoleon" in a shorter version.

> Details & Licensing for Mister Sherlock Holmes

> Licensing information

Puss In Boots: The Magic of Theatre - 2 M; 2 F
Based on the original Perrault story about an ordinary miller who has a dream of marrying a beautiful princess, Jean-Pierre overcomes the odds and a powerful ogre with the help of a very clever cat. 

> Details & Licensing for Puss In Boots

> Licensing information

The Reluctant Dragon - 3 M; 1 F; Boy; Child/Teen Chorus 
Dragons are fierce and ugly and knights are brave and true - that's the way it is.  Or maybe not.  Maybe some dragons write poetry and love parties. 

> Details & Licensing for The Reluctant Dragon

> Licensing information

Wilbur The Wishing Elf - 2 M; 2 F
What if an Elf is not good at toy-making or herding reindeer or wrapping packages?  Wilbur is reassigned as a Wishing Elf, helping Santa find out what people really want for Christmas.  Will he succeed?

> Details & Licensing for Wilbur The Wishing Elf

> Licensing information

Tom Sawyer -  minimum 4 M, 1 F; or 7 M (only 2 sing), 1 F; Leading Teen roles: 2 M, 1 F; Featured Teens: 2 M, 2 F; Child/Teen/Adult Ensemble

Mark Twain’s tale of a boy growing up in 1840’s Missouri.  Tom learns to deal with young love, responsibility and murder.

> Details & Licensing for Tom Sawyer

> Licensing information

Full Length
One Act
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