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The game is afoot in this new musical comedy mystery - and it's a game of disguises and deductions as the sinister Professor Moriarty plots to end the career of Mr. Sherlock Holmes.  It will take a group of ragtag rascals called the Baker Street Irregulars to solve the crime.  

"In a program note, Bojanowski mentions how rarely Mrs. Hudson, the Baker Street

Irregulars and Professor Moriarty appear in Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's stories - and never altogether in the same story.  His Case is an entertaining correction of that grievous omission." 

"One doesn't often think of Sherlock Holmes singing and dancing his way through a case.

But that's one of the traits of the work of Darryl Bojanowski and A Premiere Playhouse, to turn familiar stories into enjoyable musicals..." 

                                                         by Dennis Thompson, Suburban News Theater Critic

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