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Mister Sherlock Holmes
A One-Act Musical Mystery inspired by characters and stories created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
(also available as "The Case of the Counterfeit Napoleon": two-acts; 95 minutes + intermission)

Book, Music and Lyrics by 

Darryl G. Bojanowski

Orchestrations by Seth Jordan Butler

Libretto / Vocal Book

(integrated & spiral bound)

Casting/Vocal Ranges, Synopsis, Performance Tracks Guide  

18 copy minimum Purchased Separately @ $10/copy

Songs include: The Cobblestone Streets of London Town;

Call On Us; Dear Watson; Oh, Mister Holmes; I Had Dreams;

The Truth; It’s Hard To Know Just Who Your Friends Are


Casting: 4 adults (3 M, 1 F) with doubling (minimum)

            or  6 adults (4 M, 2 F) without doubling, PLUS

            1 M, 1 F featured teen roles and 6-8 or more children/teens; optional adult chorus

PRODUCTION PACK (required to produce the show) - $370 - includes:

  • Piano/Vocal Score - Casting/Vocal Ranges,
    Synopsis, Scenes and Songs List, Perf. Tracks Guide

  • Full Orchestral Score (not just cues!) with
    Keyboard Patch Lists, Percussion Lists

  • 15 Instrumental Part Books 

    •    REED 1: Flute;  REED 2: Oboe, English Horn, Alto Saxophone;  REED 3: Clarinet in Bb, Tenor Saxophone

    •    REED 4: Bassoon              

    •    BRASS: Trumpet in B♭, Horn in F, Trombone

    •    STRINGS: Violin I, Violin II, Viola, Cello, Bass        


  • Director’s Script

  • Complete Show .mp3 Digital Orchestra Performance Backing Tracks 

  • Director/Educator Production Resources:

    • Writer's Perspective about Mister Sherlock Holmes

    • Costume Notes with production photos

    • Set Design Notes with production photos

    • Prop List

    • Study Guide for Director, Cast, Teachers (includes Lesson Ideas, more)

  • Promotional Tools:

    • Logo

    • LINK to EDITABLE SHOW PROGRAM in Canva (sign up for free) to insert your theatre/school production information 

    • Promotional Trailer contact us with your info and we will customize the Official Trailer and send you the link to share

PERFORMANCE TIME: approximately 60 minutes


It is London in the late Victorian era, and someone is busting busts.  Busts of Napoleon.  The likely culprit is none other than London’s Napoleon of crime, Professor Moriarty.  And if Moriarty is involved, Sherlock Holmes is certain to be on the case.  And if Holmes is there, his equally famous chronicler, Doctor Watson, must be there as well.  Add 221B Baker Street housekeeper Mrs. Hudson, Abigail Martin, Moriarty’s flamboyant cousin from Chicago, and the loyal and ebullient Baker Street Irregulars and you have a tuneful yet engrossing musical mystery.  Next stop, London!

Producing a TND Musical features FLEXIBLE instrumentation choices.  All three are included.

 1) Full Orchestra – 15 Instruments OR 2) Piano/Keyboard and Percussion

   OR 3) .MP3 Digital Orchestra Performance Backing Tracks 


Libretto/Vocal Book and Demo Songs - CLICK HERE!

Copyright, © , Darryl Bojanowski 

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