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Duncan, OK!

Our Current Promotion for ALL THEATRES!

Did you know that accredited School Theatres don't pay any licensing fees?  Just purchase the required # of Libretto/Vocal Books at JW,  then sign the TND contract for the $370 Production Pack materials which are digitally delivered.  Each TND Musical will cost School Theatres $450-$550 for the right to produce one run of that show.

TND Musicals is owned by Terry and Darryl Bojanowski, retired music and theatre teachers who are licensing Darryl's catalogue of musicals for production by professional, educational and community theatres everywhere. Each of his 39 musicals has been performed on stage when the couple founded A Premiere Playhouse in Columbus, Ohio in the 1990s. Now available for theatrical production, Theatre Directors will enjoy using the innovative Production Pack and will benefit from the low TND licensing fees which will fit almost any budget!

Performance News: “A Quiet Man” from The Case of the Counterfeit Napoleon selected for performance at the New Works Cabaret in Arlington, TX 

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Tom Sawyer

Darryl Bojanowski is a member of My Score, a service of J. W. Pepper, Inc. which sells and distributes

the works of hundreds of composers of many genres on one of the world's largest music networks.

Darryl's My Score Profile 

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