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It's A TND Musical!



Sherlock Holmes' young assistants

       Cleveland, OH Area          VOCAL AUDITIONS    Audio Demo Recordings     Needed for New Musicals    $25/hr.

STEP 1: Fill out the Audition Form including your musical theatre performance resume and education

STEP 2: Email your .mp3 recording of 16 bars each of a classic musical theatre song: an up tempo and a ballad to

match it with your Audition Form.  (Both songs can be on the same recording).

We will contact you with our decision.

This is work-for-hire to launch new musicals

TND Musicals is committed to practicing diversity,

equity and inclusion in casting.


Book, Music and Lyrics by 
Darryl G. Bojanowski
Orchestrations by Seth Jordan Butler

Orchestration Choices:

1) 23 piece orchestra OR

2) Two Keyboards and Two Percussionists OR

3) Performance .mp3 Tracks.  

Songs include Welcome To Canterville Chase; Goblins and Ghosties; Red, White and Blue Through and Through; The Star of Canterville; There Is A Little Garden and more. 

Performance time: approx. 70 minutes

(recommended no intermission)

Based on a short story by Oscar Wilde, The Canterville Ghost, is a small cast Musical Comedy (3 women, 1 man, 1 female teen and 2 “twin” girls [or boys] about 10 years old, 1 “extra,” and optional cameo for a cat)  set in England in 1887. Synopsis: Sir Simon has haunted the manor house at Canterville Chase for four hundred years, successfully scaring off everyone who wanted to live there.  He has done his job with theatricality and style.  When a family of Victorian era Americans decides to move in, he expects it to be the same, but the Otis family has other plans.  The parents are less frightened of him than they are inconvenienced by his chain-rattling and moaning.   And their 10-year-old twins like nothing better than teasing him with their pranks.  Poor Sir Simon is at his wit’s end.  What can he do?  It all comes to a surprising and touching end when the 14-year-old Otis daughter takes pity on him and restores peace to Canterville.  Columbus Dispatch Entertainment Reporter George Myers, Jr.’s review observes “acting ghoulish and spooky full time is a ghastly, tiresome business after three centuries, but forlorn Simon de Canterville - still the ghostest with the mostest - shakes, rattles and rolls on.”  

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What Musicals Would You Like
To Have Available Next?

The Case of the Counterfeit Napoleon, 
A Sherlock Holmes Musical Mystery

Two Acts: 1 hr. 40 min.

Mister Sherlock Holmes           
One Act                                                      60 min.

The Case of the Counterfeit Napoleon
Two Acts                                           1 hr. 40 min.

VOTE at our Facebook page to let us know 3

shows that would work well in your theatrical setting.  You'll get 10% off your first contract!

The Nutcracker: A Hard Nut To Crack


Tom Sawyer


In the spring of 1991 in our hometown of Columbus, Ohio, we were given the opportunity to produce musicals in a FREE 10,000 sq. ft. shopping mall space.  The mall had lost many tenants and our mission was to bring shoppers back so the stores would return.  For the next five years Darryl created book, music and lyrics and we produced an astonishing 39 musicals - 7 full-length and 32 one-acts (that must be a Guiness World Record!) Almost 20,000 patrons a year came to see our shows and, when all the mall spaces were once again filled, our theatre had to exit.  A multi-talented group of five paid  professional actors who were also musicians, a director, a costume designer, a set/props/lighting one-person crew, a marketing/business manager and more worked with many dedicated volunteers to produce these shows year-round. 

Darryl and I have both retired from our other career: high school choral directors and school musical theatre producers. Our ACT II is dedicated to licensing all Darryl's 39 small cast musicals for professional, educational and community theatres to produce in their venues.  Most of the shows are based on classic literature.  We are packaging them with options that will fit almost any production budget.  We know how important it is for cultural literacy to impact as many people as possible.  We know theatre does that. We'd like your feedback as you consider producing a TND Musical.

Tom Sawyer

Come Back To The Oval Woody Hayes, Woody Hayes


The Case of the Counterfeit Napoleon

The Case of the Counterfeit Napoleon

We created an Internship Program at the Playhouse for children ages 6 - 15 who were interested in performing. We taught theatre classes and cast many of these talented students in our productions.  Several of them have chosen musical theatre for their careers: Broadway, Off-Broadway, National Tours, and regional theatres.  It is exciting for us to follow their successes!    

Terry and Darryl Bojanowski

Beauty and the Beast

An O. Henry Christmas

An O. Henry Christmas

The Reluctant Dragon

Just A Play (It's A Musical)

Darryl Bojanowski is a member of My Score, a service of J. W. Pepper, Inc. which sells and distributes

the works of hundreds of composers of many genres on one of the world's largest music networks.

Darryl's My Score Profile 

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